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Tactical Galactical


Tactical Galactical is a real-time hex-based strategy game, set in the world of a Saturday morning cartoon - Designed from the ground up with consoles in mind, Tactical Galactical overcomes the usual controller challenges that console strategy games suffer from. - Flying above the planet in a spaceship, players control all manner of ground units below, from hovering humans, to shielded attack vehicles, flying fortresses and giant robots. - Unit tactics form the backbone of the game, all with different strengths and weakness against the others. - A card system is used to deploy fresh units, bolster the army, perform special moves and attack the other player's space ship. - A strategic layer, with base upgrades, unit upgrades, card upgrades and ship upgrades, allows for longer term planning. - Single player adventure, multiplayer battle and fighting with friends. - Three adventures, with their own unique card decks and play styles. - Giant aliens to thwart our adventures' plans.

Release Dates

30 Jun, 2020 - Xbox One

30 Jun, 2020 - PlayStation 4

30 Jun, 2020 - Nintendo Switch

30 Jun, 2020 - Mac

30 Jun, 2020 - PC (Microsoft Windows)

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