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Let me introduce a full-fledged RP project called ABYSS. This is a multiplayer SURVIVAL action which takes place in the vicinity of an abandoned city. The locals called this place "the Abyss". After global disasters, the state structure fell and the world was mired in anarchy, the locals were divided into 3 groups (factions) Union, Sunrise and Vandals. Faction of the Union: the Main objective of grouping the unification of all the inhabitants in the "new state" and restore legality in the territory. Sunrise: this group does not share the interests of the "Union", they want to live in the current state of the world, to study and adapt to it. Vandals: Just a collection of bandits who have no conscience and morality. You can also be a "lone wolf" or to gather in small flocks of these same individuals.

Release Dates

31 Dec, 2019 - PC (Microsoft Windows)

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