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Broken Lines


“Cooper, are you sure this is a good plan?” “It’s perfectly safe, Avery. Don’t whine about it!” Avery follows orders and runs along the road, only to be cut down by machine gun fire. - leaving Cooper visible shaken by the consequences of his failed plan. Will another of the men step in to plan the assault or is it time to cut the losses and avoid this confrontation, before you lose anymore of your men? Broken Lines is a war-game with a serious story, told from the perspective of the individual soldiers. A game for people who likes real-time tactics and strategy games, but are too slow to play them. Give orders to you men, while in pause - and total control. Then see the execution in real time - sometimes resulting in catastrophic failure. You control a squad of mismatched soldiers, fighting for survival in Eastern Europe, during WW2. A squad with both disillusioned and brutal veterans and civilized, but mostly ineffective recruits. Who can work together, who will you sacrifice and who will survive to the end? Play the campaign with randomized missions and non-linear stories. Select and equip your squad. Train them in unique combat skills and perks. Plan your turn in pause mode and see it play out in real time. Use cover and flanking to overcome the opposition. Rewind the level to avoid casualties and achieve better loot. Manage resources and survive until you either find your way out of the valley or lose your way and your conscience in the process.

Release Dates

31 Dec, 2019 - Nintendo Switch

31 Dec, 2019 - PlayStation

31 Dec, 2019 - Xbox

31 Dec, 2019 - PC (Microsoft Windows)

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