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Clash: Mutants Vs Pirates


Clash: Mutants VS Pirates is a MOBA Game. The game story is about Space pirates attacking earth, but the earth is not the same anymore, it's populated with mutants because humans have mutated to different creatures after a failed experiment which led to massive contamination. For now, we have 3 players in each race, and we are working on other characters. The gameplay is so exciting mixing between many previews MOBA Games : Melee attacks Shooting, explosions Special Abilities Summon Creatures Dodge-Aim-Control Inventory, experience, levels You can control NPC in the map and use them to fight other players; you can summon others (healer or defender ) from the summon area, and you can buy equipment from your base. You can use machine guns, and each player has his special abilities and power ups , A Fantasy-Medieval style map mixes between the future and the past, dynamic content and very cool graphics. The most special thing about our game, the "Kinvaders" mode : It's a tactic, domination, and pvp fighting mode, each team, has a King Invader "Kinvader", the team will try to dominate specific points on the map and protect their Kinvader , the Kinvader will move to that controlled point and sit there , the two teams will try to push the enemy's Kinvader to his base and control all the points to make their Kinvader move forward in the enemy's territory , once the enemy's Kinvader is in his base then you can destroy him and win the match .. You can play a quick game using the matchmaking, or make a customer room and invite your friends.

Release Dates

1 Dec, 2019 - PC (Microsoft Windows)

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